Posted on June 9, 2012


Professor Stephen Hawking once posed an interesting question.  If time travel is possible, then why don’t we see tourists from the future?  He had two possible answers.  The first being that time travel isn’t possible, and the other that perhaps humans no longer exist to travel through time.  I think there’s another answer.  It may not be as simple, but it is a simple answer nonetheless.  I don’t think anybody wants to go back in time.

Okay, I can hear all the complaining right now.  Yes, I know there are plenty of explanations beyond Hawking’s assumptions.  There’s the idea that going back in time and changing something will negate the need to go back in time, and the timeline automatically repairs itself.  There’s the argument that everything is set and anything someone goes into the past to do will only reinforce the events of the past.  There’s also the claim that any…

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