Posted on June 9, 2012


Not too long ago, I was watching a story on the evening news about a student graduating college who had been paralyzed in a drunk driving accident (he was the one who was driving drunk) just before starting college. Having known someone killed by a drunk driver, I wasn’t too sympathetic. But we all make mistakes, right? So I was touched, as most people would be, when he stood up and walked across the stage at graduation with the help of a robotic prosthesis built by the college’s technology department.

[Read the full article here.]   [Austin Whitney’s web site for drunk driving prevention]

But something that got me was the technology they used.  I can understand if it was a project for the engineering department’s curriculum.  But there was nothing unique about it, like memory metals for muscles.  In fact, it wasn’t that much different from what we’ve already…

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