Posted on June 9, 2012


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[Main image: STAR WARS/Lucasfilm Ltd.]

There are a lot of highly versatile pieces of technology in science fiction. But none can have people standing beside themselves (*rimshot*) like holographic technology. We’re not exactly to the point of holodecks or telling Obi Wan Kenobi that he’s our only hope. But there is a bit of advancing science that brings us a step or two closer.

First, let’s consider what makes a hologram. A hologram is a 3D virtual image which is seen or perceived without an actual physical object being present. This requires directing light separately to each eye. This is not something that is easy to do. Whether that image comes from a flat surface or in a 3D display, each eye must be targeted individually. There are a variety of ways in which it can be accomplished. Let’s look at a few of these, as well as what it…

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