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The idea of an automated living space is nothing new. Mostly it’s used for spaceships to make them look even more high-tech (such as in Star Trek or 2001: A Space Odyssey). After all, if someone who is traveling at a high rate of speed in a massive ship outside of Earth’s atmosphere and used a doorknob or a light switch, then the vessel was probably built by the Amish.

Sure, it’s all futurey and stuff, but can today’s technology really make it happen? Yup.

The Master Computer

A good sci-fi abode should have a master computer operating the various items in the quarters. It would be voice-controlled with voice response. I would give the computer a woman’s voice and call her CHANDRA (Computerized Home Automation and Networked Data Retrieval Assistant). True sci-fi geeks will get the reference.

CHANDRA would be a voice-controlled system which can control the automated…

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