Posted on June 9, 2012


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[Featured Image: Osaka University]

Sometimes, there are more to machines than meets the eye.  No, I’m not talking about Transformers, regardless of how truly awesome Optimus Prime is.  I’m talking about ethical implications as well as characteristics of machines which go beyond the programming and hardware.  What rights should an intelligent machine have?  And at what point is a machine self-aware?  It’s like Johnny 5 or something straight out of an Isaac Asimov story.

Some scientists and futurists talk about the coming Technological Singularity, a point where machines become smarter than humans and human intelligence can be enhanced by machines well beyond its normal capability.  “Singularity” is an interesting word.  Whenever scientists use the word “singularity”, it means, quite literally, “I don’t know”.  When a singularity is referred to, it just means that “something happens here”.  Words like singularity are used so that even when scientists are complete idiots about…

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