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What could be better than an artificially created intelligence in a machine?  No, I mean besides bacon.  That’s right, a real human-like intelligence in a machine!  Imagine an artificial construct, a piece of electronic hardware, which could actually think like a human!  It might be frightening to some, but there are a lot of research groups currently working on this very project.

[Main Image: original from Stock.Xchng with manipulation by Rajasegar Chandiran]

It is probably the most ambitious artificial intelligence project imaginable.  We know so little about neurons and human intelligence.  To reproduce that in electronic machines so blindly might seem like sheer insanity.  But that’s not stopping researchers from attempting the seemingly impossible.  They’re trying to get computer nodes to behave just like neurons (brain cells).  But yet, those neurons are so complicated, we don’t quite know how they function.

Neurons are extremely complex structures.  We’re talking so…

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