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As explained in the Introduction, we’re making a team of superheroes with animal powers.  What better way to follow up the Canine and the Feline than with … the Mouse! Unfortunately, mice just don’t have the powers to one-up the other two previous heroes.  And unless it’s Mighty Mouse, there aren’t enough unique super powers to be concerned with.  So instead, we’re going to look at … The Reptile!

[Main image: Mortal Kombat Wiki]

Many people are scared of reptiles, which works to this hero’s favor.  The reptilian also allows us to touch on super abilities which are far removed from the normal mammalian types.  But first, just as the Canine and the Feline, we cover the standard freak-making.


First off, we need to make a person look reptilian.  In circus sideshows, an Alligator Man was often inflicted with a skin disease, usually Ictheosis.  This gives a scaly appearance…

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