Posted on June 9, 2012


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Ohai!  I can has ketteh hero?

As I laid out in the Introduction, we’re making a superhuman team based on animals.  And there’s no more purrrrfect way to follow up the Canine than with … the Feline!

Now there are a wide variety of pussycats we can emulate.  But if we narrow down the options to two, large wildcats and domestic felines, I think the ideal for human emulation would be the common house cat.  Not only is the more common domestic cat the type which is more likely to expect out of an humanoid hero, it’s not as harsh on the furniture as wildcats.

The candidate would be female for this one, and she would need to have a particular athletic build.  One might think that a gymnast would have what it takes.  However, gymnasts tend to be a bit more stocky, not exactly the sleek build we…

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